We used the selection tool in order to make different effects on this elephant. I think that this will come in very helpful, especially the drop shadow.



For this project we used the selection tool in order to delete the background behind these weeds. I think that this tool will come in very handy in the future.

Type Lesson

Type Lesson

For this lesson we learned about templates, tabs, and charts. I thought that this activity was very useful because it would be helpful if you were making a large publication.

Puppet Warp

Puppet Warp

We used puppet warp in order to create this design. I thought that this activity was fun and entertaining but I don’t know how often I’ll actually use this tool.


ImageImageFor this exercise we worked with correcting the color of this photo and cropping. I liked this activity because it is a relatively simple process and makes the photo look a ton better.

Baby Online

Baby Online

This logo for a baby store is a clever way to get the companies purpose across. This logo could be created using Illustrator with the pen tool or the shape tool. I think that this design is clever, however the colors that are used for the logo could be better and more effective. I believe that it is effective to have the ‘B’ be different colors than the rest of the logo so the viewer is able to tell that there is a ‘B’ and an ‘O’ incorporated inside of the logo.

Hopscotch Music Festival

Hopscotch Music Festival

This poster for a music festival is cheerful and inviting. The guitar and leaves could be created in Illustrator using the pen tool. The clean design other than the guitar is a nice relief from the pattern. I think that it was a great idea of the designers to place acorns as the tuners of the guitar, it also gives a fall-feel to the piece.

Girl Photograph

I was immediately awed by this photo. I think that it is so cool how the artist placed a landscape where her skin used to be. I would create this photo using Photoshop with the help of masks, opacities, and layers. I think that it would take a lot of time in order to get the landscape the right amount of intensity so her features still show through.

International Tourist Year 1967

I like the overall feeling of warmth of this design. The light brown background warms the whole design, making it appear friendlier. The hands, created in Illustrator using the pen tool, overlap to create one color. The blue hand has a lower intensity than the red, allowing the hands to blend together as one.

St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

Although I am completely biased, being from St. Louis, I think that this design is a really creative way to publicize a film festival. I think that the ice cream being film strips is creative and playful, depicting the feel they want to portray. I would create this entire piece using Illustrator with the help of the warp tool, the pen tool, and the shape tool.

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