We used the selection tool in order to make different effects on this elephant. I think that this will come in very helpful, especially the drop shadow.



For this project we used the selection tool in order to delete the background behind these weeds. I think that this tool will come in very handy in the future.

Type Lesson

Type Lesson

For this lesson we learned about templates, tabs, and charts. I thought that this activity was very useful because it would be helpful if you were making a large publication.

Puppet Warp

Puppet Warp

We used puppet warp in order to create this design. I thought that this activity was fun and entertaining but I don’t know how often I’ll actually use this tool.


ImageImageFor this exercise we worked with correcting the color of this photo and cropping. I liked this activity because it is a relatively simple process and makes the photo look a ton better.


This was our first exercise in InDesign. I worked with InDesign in high school so I feel pretty comfortable with it so far. It was fun to learn some new tricks and techniques that I hadn’t learned before though!

Green Slide Show

We played around with animations inside photoshop in order to create this slideshow. I thought this activity was fun and easy



This photo was really hard to create. We used almost all of the tools we learned so far and it was hard to work with all of those layers. Overall I think it turned out well despite all of my confusion.

Laura x8

We used all of the different filters inside Photoshop in order to make this picture. I thought that it was really cool that we could edit pictures without having to do a lot of work.



For this exercise we used the patch tool, the clone tool, the healing brush, the spot healing tool, and levels. I think that this exercise could be very helpful in the future.